Chinese Stripe Neck-ed Turtle (Mauremys Sinensis)

Conservation status

IUCN: Red List: Less Concern

Key Descriptions

A freshwater turtle most prominent for the yellow & black lines which adorn its neck, the Chinese stripe-necked turtle is a resilient & highly adaptive species with muscular limbs & fully webbed feet make them exceptionally strong swimmers even in rivers with strong currents. They hail naturally from southern China, including Taiwan & Hainan to Northern Vietnam.


Well adapted to a wide range of climate conditions including temperate, subtropical & tropical zones, the Chinese stripe – necked turtle hails primarily from eastern China southward to central Vietnam. They are most commonly found inhabiting shallow, low current waters such as lakes, swamps & rivers where substrate generally encompasses soft mud or clay bottoms.

Social Life

They are mainly social animals. Hatchlings are predominantly carnivorous in nature as they require a high protein intake to supplement their growth. Feeding behaviour divulges as the turtles reach adulthood with males primarily leaning towards a carnivorous diet including snails & insects while the females forage for aquatic plants growing on the edge of rivers.

Fun Facts


Vegetables, Fish & other small aquatic animals

Key Information

Origin:S.China, Taiwan,Laos
Size:Up to 24cm
Weight:Up to 2.5kg
Lifespan:Up to 20 years

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