Travancore Tortoise (Indotestudo Travancorica)

Conservation status

IUCN: Red List: Vulnerable

Key Descriptions

A forest dwelling species, the Travancore tortoise is a medium sized tortoise native to the highlands & mountains of the Western Ghats in southwest India. It occurs naturally in evergreen, moist deciduous & bamboo forests as well as in rubber & teak plantations near streams & marshes. They are mostly active during the early part of the rainy season which coincides with their breeding cycle.


They can be found foraging on the forest floor of India

Social Life

Mainly Solitary animals, the Travancore tortoise wanders around its habitat alone unless its mating season.

Fun Facts


FruitsVegetables, and small insects.

Key Information

Origin:South West India
Size:Up to 33 cm

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