Giant Asian Pond Turtle (Heosemys Grandis)

Conservation status

IUCN: Red List: Vulnerable

Key Descriptions

Inhabiting rivers, streams & marshes throughout Southeast Asia, the Giant Asian pond turtle has a predominantly brown to black coloration highlighted by pale yellow streaks which run along the centre of its large carapace. One of the largest semi-aquatic Asian turtles, these reptiles have muscular strong limbs & webbed toes which adapt it very well to both swimming as well as traversal on land.


They inhabit the rivers, streams & marshes throughout Cambodia & Vietnam as well as various parts of Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar & Thailand. Their ability to live in both water & on land has made them a highly adaptable species who feeds on a variety of food including fish, carrion, insects as well as aquatic vegetation.

Social Life

Asian Giant pond turtles enjoy the privilege of not being limited strictly to water. They have been observed in the wild to regularly come upon shore to bask on logs & stones in their environment. Little has been observed of their mating habits in the wild.

Fun Facts


Vegetables & Fish

Key Information

Origin:Southeast Asia
Size:Up to 40cm
Weight:Up to 20kg
Lifespan:Up to 20years

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