Mississippi Map Turtle (Graptemys Pseudogeographica Kohni)

Conservation status

IUCN: Red List: Least Concern

Key Descriptions

Medium sized semi aquatic freshwater turtles most prominent for the linings on their carapace which resemble the contour lines of a map, the Mississippi Map turtle are native to North America & widely spotted in the Mississippi River. Another distinguishing feature is their keeled, serrated carapace which smoothens out as the turtle ages.


They are largely distributed along the Mississippi River Valley ranging from Southwest Iowa & Central Illinois to the Gulf of Mexico. These turtles prefer water locales lush with aquatic vegetation & low currents.

Social Life

These turtles are skittish & shy, who will bolt at the first sign of danger. In the wilderness, they have been observed to bask on rocks & logs, sometimes even piling on each other in a bid to absorb the sun’s rays. Juveniles are largely carnivorous to supplement their growing needs & protein requirements.

Fun Facts


Vegetables, Fish, & other small aquatic animals

Key Information

Origin:North America
Size:Up to 25cm
Weight:Up to 2kg
Lifespan:Up to 30years

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