Yellow Lined Box Turtle (Cuora Amboinensis)

Conservation status

IUCN: Red List: Least Concern

Key Descriptions

Alternatively known as the Amboina box turtle, they are endemic to Southeast Asia. They are distinguished by the yellow lines which run past the side of their faces & the ability to withdraw its limbs & head completely into its box like shell when frightened. They are omnivorous semi-aquatic reptiles who are popular in the exotic pet trade & are one of the only few species of reptiles for sale as pets in Singapore, albeit available rarely.


They are endemic to a large portion of Asia, predominantly occurring in India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore & Indonesia. Preferring warm bodies of water with slow moving currents, these box turtles can be found in areas such as lakes & streams as well as small ponds & swamps but will also traverse land due to their semi-aquatic nature.

Social Life

They are social animals. With the top of its head largely dark green in coloration & a brownish black carapace, these nocturnal turtles are well adapted to hiding in plain sight, taking shelter under the cover of leaves & aquatic vegetation in their environment. While largely aquatic, these turtles will venture on land to forage for food ranging from fallen fruits to worms & insects.

Fun Facts


Plants, fish & other small aquatic animals

Key Information

Origin:South East Asia
Size:Up to 45cm
Weight:Up to 3kg
Lifespan:Up to 30years

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