New Guinea Snake Turtle (Chelodina Novaeguineae)

Conservation status

IUCN: Red List: Least Concern

Key Descriptions

Their long neck resembles a snake, which is where they get their name from. New Guinea Snake turtles are found in north-eastern Australia, Indonesia & Papua New Guinea inhabiting freshwater locales where their dark exterior helps them blend with their dark & murky surroundings of the rivers they inhabit.


They are largely distributed along slow moving bodies of water such as rivers where aquatic vegetation & prey is rife. They are endemic to north-eastern Australia, Indonesia & Papua New Guinea.

Social Life

They spend the majority of their time walking on the substrate of their habitat instead of swimming, preferring to ambush their prey from the mud & aquatic vegetation they lay dormant in. When resting, it twists its serpentine long neck to the side for protection instead of withdrawing it into its shell.

Fun Facts


Fish, & other small aquatic animals

Key Information

Origin:Papua New Guinea
Size:Up to 36cm
Weight:Up to 3kg
Lifespan:Up to 30years

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