We would prefer it if you pick manual payment, and get the tickets at our counter, as online purchases do get a cut taken out for transaction fees, we need all the help we can get. There is no need to book a timeslot. Thank you for your support!

Standard Rate

Category 1 (3 – 6 years): $10.00

Category 2 (P1 or equivalent onwards): $14.00

Pink / Blue IC holders

Category A (3 – 6 years): $6.00

Category B (P1 onwards): $10.00

Category C (60 years onwards): $6.00


Standard Tour

Please contact us.

Local Tour Groups

Below 30 pax: Please contact us

30-50 pax: $20/pax

Above 50 pax: $15/pax

We may request for verification of identity (NRIC, Pioneer Generation Card, or equivalent.)
Groups of 3 or more kids, unrelated, and below 3 years old even if accompanied by parent/guardian/teacher, will have to purchase Children Tickets for the respective children.

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(Due to Safe Distancing measures, please note that tours will be subject to availability of our staff and working capacity. Do contact us for more details)

Online Tickets Purchase

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