Please Help 🙏

Hi, I am Daksh Srivastava, I have a Indian Roof turtle of 1.5 years of age. Today I left my turtle out in the open in direct sunlight as he was having some fungus, unfortunately I forgot about it as my brother is also I’ll and i was taking his care. So about half an hour after that i rushed to see him but he was completely unconscious at that moment. I took him inside and kept him in a tank filled with water, some moments after that i saw some signs of life he started lifting his head up and down. I was so scared at that moment. Now after about 8 hours he his moving but only when I force him to. On his own he is still not moving and not eating too. I am so worried about him. Please tell me if I can do something about him and also, he will be okay right? Please Help 🙏, Please.

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