New Egg Post!

This thread will follow the development of 3 little terrapin eggs that were laid in the museum, They were found on the 14th of Jan, and it has been exactly 2 weeks since they were laid.



This is after 2 weeks of development, the red lines are the veins that are developing in the embryo. This is the first indicator that the eggs are fertilised and are developing.

On an average, red ear sliders eggs, aka the common terrapin, takes about 50 days to hatch, we are now 14 days in, we’ll send an update every week to check on the little ones!

Edit 17/02/2020

So far the eggs have been showing signs of drying up. So there may not be a successful hatch, but we will do our best to keep them alive and hopefully see some babies within a week or 2!

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