I rescued 2 RES turtles recently. 1 of them is always in the basking area the other RES is swimming around. My question is on their shell for both of them can someone please kindly advise if they need to be brought to the vet? I have read up on some of the painful diseases the turtles go through due to neglect. These are babies, given their size and the duration the live for. I appreciate any answers.

I am working on their current setup. Their tank currently is small so I change the water frequently. I am looking for a bigger tank. Both the RES are tankmates. They have filtered water. However, I am in midst of getting an aquarium heater. They eat well. Mostly feed them pallets and dried shrimp/tuna from my cat food(just a little).
they are still skittish but getting used to me. I have a shell conditioner in the tank for them.

Here are some of their pictures. Please advise on their shell and if they are starting to get deformed. I will act quickly.

Squirtle first picture
Mertle 2nd picture

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