Movable mouth gold-red turtle

Movable mouth gold-red turtle from Europe Introduction A beautiful piece with moving limbs crafted, rare piece from the region. Game Info –

Sea turtle (rubber material)

Sea turtle (rubber material) Introduction Sea turtle (rubber material) made in china, looks very real This artefact was once mistaken as a stuffed turtle that I show to media on newspaper. And that I was criticized for disrespecting turtle even though I proclaim that I love turtles. Game Info –

Porcelain from Sri Lanka Turtle

Porcelain from Sri Lanka Turtle Introduction Exquisite design with the depiction of tea industry, from plantations to export markets Game Info –

Elephant bone turtle

Elephant bone turtle Introduction I didn’t really want to showcase this too loud as it seems cruel to, but it was a gift from a foreigner friend when daddy went to Thailand. Game Info –

Jade piece turtle

Jade piece turtle Introduction Jade piece that no one will know its jade and expensive. There is a coin in mouth. Length about 30cm plus. No one will expect that this innocent looking artefact is a jade piece as it is more dull than the exquisite clear and sometimes see-through expensive jades. It has quite […]

Dragon turtle (big maroon ones)

Dragon turtle (big maroon ones) Introduction Majestic ones that I prefer to put at our entrance should there be a chance. Seems to ward off all bad things. Feel safe with them around. Game Info –

Brown with gold designs

Brown with gold designs, round from Myanmar Introduction Exquisite piece from Myanmar; gold flakes printed on by handiwork. These form of finishing rates high on any Myanmar artefact due to repute of the origins of gold and other gems in Myanmar. Game Info –

Kurma – Sanskrit – Tortoise

Kurma, (Sanskrit: Tortoise), one of most recent gift from volunteer Introduction One of the 10 avatars (incarnations) of the Hindu God Vishnu. In this incarnation Vishnu is associated with the myth of the churning of the ocean of milk. Game Info Congratulations.Click on this link to go to the next page.

Gold flake crystal turtle

Gold flake crystal turtle Introduction When the crystal turtle was bought, during delivery, it was broken at some parts. The leg, the tail cracked and head chipped, sides had visible strain lines. We informed maker and being insured; he was able to craft another but it exploded halfway while he was crafting it. And he […]

Layers of shell of turtles

Layers of shell of turtles Introduction My dad only wanted to buy a couple. And more was shown to him when the shop realized that he is looking for turtle artefact. Then he bought a few more. From then, he looked out for different turtle artefact made from shells, that’s how the collection grew. Game […]